Fri, Jan 28, 2022

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    Thousands across the country to paint streets purple for cancer awareness

    Cape Town – Losing a few of their teammates to cancer has inspired members of Embark Triathlon Club to take part in the Hollard Daredevil Run.The Daredevil Run, which takes place across four venues around Cape Town on Friday (today), will see men run a 5km in purple Speedos for cancer awareness.Normally, the mass participation event is held in Johannesburg, but this year, the Covid-19 edition is taking place across the country.All proceeds from the event will go to Cansa and Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa.The Daredevil Run takes place across four venues around Cape Town on Friday(today). Picture: Cansa.Steve Attwell, a coach at Embark Triathlon Club, said they are meeting up at the Sea Point Pavilion Swimming Pool complex.“From the Sea Point Pavilion pools, we will make our way along the promenade to the lighthouse, through the park, under the Green Point circle and finish off for a well-earned beer and burger at Bootlegger Coffee Company. We wanted to run that route to get maximum exposure for the campaign. We will run as a group, make noise, and have some fun,” he said.The Green Point-based triathlon club will run in honour of their teammates Craig Jacobs, Chantelle Rall and Denise Major, who lost their battle to cancer.“Cancer is close to our hearts. Being aware and getting checked is vital for early detection. If you can pick it up early, you have a much better chance of beating it,” he added.Head of services at Cansa, Gerda Strauss, said: “We’re so thankful and proud of the long term partnership between Cansa and Daredevil Run. Traditionally, men are reluctant to talk about health issues or seek professional help. As a result, if cancer is diagnosed, it may be at a later and perhaps at a more advanced stage. “Increasing awareness of the signs and symptoms of various cancers and offering advice on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle will help empower men to take control of their own health, lower their risk of cancer and encourage earlier detection.”Andrew Oberholzer, chief executive of Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa, said: “The Prostate Cancer Foundation has been one of the beneficiaries of the Daredevil Run since 2018. Prostate cancer is already the leading cancer affecting South African men. The latest projections show that prostate cancer will be the most common cancer in South Africa by 2030, so events that raise awareness about the disease are crucial.”Weekend Argus

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